Camerino Pacific-Rim Art
One day, a young Tang scholar was strolling beside a stream that
flowed beneath the palace walls. On the water floated a perfectly
formed maple leaf with writing on it. He plucked it from the stream,
and read on it a poem that had obviously been written by one of
the emperor's concubines, lamenting her solitary existence. Much
moved, he selected his own beautifully formed maple leaf, wrote a
poem in response, and placed it on the stream to be carried to
the lady on the other side.

Some time afterswards, the emperor released more than 2,000 of
his concubines, with his thanks. The Tang scholar had a marriage
arranged with one of these ladies. On his wedding night, he
showed his new bride the maple leaf which he had cherished, told
her the story, and asked if she recognized the writing and could
tell him a little about the young lady who had written the poem.
Without another word, his wife took from her bosom the maple leaf
on which he had inscribed his response. She was the women of
whom he had been dreaming, and the maple leaf was the
messenger of their love.
Peerless Beauty
26" x 19" Mixed Media
on Silk
Print: $1295.00
Limited Edition
to 288
by Caroline Young