Original Artwork
Pictured left is, "Mother's Love"  This is the
original dedication piece painted for Caroline's
mother which was later printed and released
for the public to purchase.

A collector of Caroline's liked how this
painting came to life, so the husband
commissioned Caroline to reproduce a similar
painting based upon their family size and
This is the end result. Caroline named this
one:"Precious Memories".

A unique piece to be loved & cherished for
many years to come.
Pictured to the left is a commissioned piece that was done for one
approaching her 1st birthday. Her mother commissioned Caroline
to paint a Zodiac piece on Rice Paper. Caroline named this piece:
"Musbi Anyone?"

Caroline was still working on the Zodiac Suite at the time and
          used the same style to create this piece as
          part of the Children of the Zodiac suite.
          This painting is named: "A Flower for
          My Lady". (which is on silk rather than
          rice paper)

          Funny how inspiration works!
Mother's Love
Miniture Original SOLD
Gone Fishin'
Original Sold:
Original SOLD:
After the Performance
Original SOLD
Moon Rising
Limited Edition Print
to 88
Available: $995.00
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Moonlit Beauty
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Commissioned Originals:
This piece is actually our family tree
with a portrait of Nikita (our border
collie). The little girl represents our
daughter born the year of the Ram
which the girl has a ram within her
dress;my wife year of the Rooster
which are the baby chicks; and me
year of the Monkey. This was
commissioned for my daughter's 1st
This piece was commissioned for
one of our clients who breeds dogs
part-time. This will be the center
piece in her renovated bedroom.

The dogs in the painting are named:
Angelina, Jolie, and Brad Pitt! Can
you tell which one is Brad?
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setting up a commission painting at
sales@camerinoart.com or 415-370-1214
Year of the Ram:
A Flower for My Lady
pictured below
Dragon's Gate
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pictured right
Winter Flurries
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pictured left
Summer Cranes
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